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Ask one of the Bucks & Bulls guides where do they like to do most of their personal hunting. Most of the time they will say Colorado. Lots of our guides including myself have been hunting the state for 10+ years for our own personal hunts. Why? simply because Colorado has an extremely game rich state with a chance of harvesting a truly giant mule deer buck anywhere between it boarders. Well we have been familiar with a certain area of GMU 63 located in the Gunnison National Forest for several years. Bucks & Bulls Guides & Outfitters is the licensed and the exclusively permitted outfitter in our area. This very large partially road-less area cannot be covered in just a day or two. No, it takes weeks to look at all the acres that our territory takes in. Most of the hunting will take place on horse back in the back country of 8,800 -11,000 feet. We have Three camps located in strategic areas of the permit including a base camp at 8,700 feet which is accessible by vehicle. All of these camps are comfortable wall tents with wood stoves, cots, 4″ thick foam mattress pads and many other comforts need to have a relaxing adventure of a lifetime. We offer fully guided hunts and drop camps.The #1 factor for success on this hunt is being in shape to hike. #2 factor for success is long distance shooting.


Drop Camps: are best done with 2 or 3 buddy’s that are experienced in the west hunting deer or elk. We take you, your gear and your food to camp via horseback. Wall tents are all ready for you to arrive. Sleeping tents with cots, pads, wood stove and cut  firewood are all furnished. Separate wall tent with wood stove and full kitchen (propane stoves, utensils, pots and pans) are provided. 2-way radio is in camp for safety and to check in with the base camp or to report of a harvested animal. Once an animal is harvested we will come to camp and pack the animal back to base camp. These camps are some of our most successful when it comes to harvest opportunities.  COST: $2,200 each unguided, No horses in camp. These hunts are all unguided.

Fully Guided camps: including our base camp are for the hunter looking for the full service and like to hunt on horseback to save the legs and cover country. Most horseback rides in any of these hunting situations are 1-3 hours. We guide these hunts 2×1 or we have the option to upgrade to 1×1 guide. 4 hunters in a camp at one time. Cooks are in camp full time to take care of your every need. Home cooking with quality food you have come to expect from Bucks & Bulls is what is served. These hunts are truly adventures that take place in some breath taking country, with good population of both deer and elk. These hunts are 5 full days of hunting with packing involved during the front and back of the set hunt days.


Base Camp


*Fully guided Archery Elk hunts are $3,500 2x1….upgrade to 1×1 for $4,500

*Fully guided Muzzeloader & 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th season Elk are $4,500 2×1… upgrade to 1×1. for $5,900

*Fully guided Archery Mule Deer are $4,500 1×1.

*Fully guided Muzzeloader, 2nd & 3rd season rifle Mule Deer hunts are $4,500 2×1.. $5,900 1×1.

*Fully guided 4th season Mule Deer hunts are $7,900 + $4,500 for bucks 200″+ B&C trophy fee. This hunt includes hunting on both private and public land. Most bucks have moved onto the private where we pay a lease to access. Targeted bucks are 185″- 210″+. This hunt is guided 1×1.

License cost’s are:      $626.00 for Elk     &    $381.00 For Mule Deer    &     Bear  $361.00



The Typical Bull elk harvested is a 5 point or 6 point bull. The average mule deer  buck that calls this place home is 170″ type 4-point. Bucks well over 200″ have been taken in the past 10 years. Our best hunts fill up fast, even before the draw. I suggest you contact us with your interests and we can put you in the right place.


                                             2017  SEASON DATES :   GMU 63

ARCHERY:      August 29th-September 27th…… ELK Over the Counter... Deer 1 points to draw

Pick your week of archery. 1st week of September or 2nd week of September for instance.

MUZZELOADER:       September 9th-17th…….. ELK 4 points to drawDeer 5 points to draw

1st RIFLE ELK ONLY:         October 14th-18th……  Draw elk with 0-1 points 1st choice

2nd RIFLE COMBINED:      October 21st-29th…. Elk Over the Counter. Deer 4 points to draw

3rd RIFLE COMBINED:       November 4th-12th Elk Over the counter. Deer 6 points to draw

4th RIFLE COMBINED:       November 15th-19th…  ELK 1 point to draw. Deer draw 16+points 4th season deer hunts are some of the best hunts in Colorado because of the rut.

BLACK BEAR HUNTS:  All bear hunts are concurrent with the rifle seasons and are over the counter with caps. This means you can hunt bear while on your regular hunt with Bucks & Bulls Guides & Outfitters Inc….  We have several bears in the area and chances are 50% in harvesting one while on your hunt. We highly recommend having a permit. License cost of $361.

Hunters safety is required to be with the hunter at all times in the field if born after January, 1st 1949. THE DRAW DEADLINE TO APPLY FOR COLORADO HUNTS IN 2016 IS APRIL 1ST. If you need help in this process to apply for our territory ( GMU 63 ) feel free to contact us from the contact page on this website. Do not wait. We have some Mule deer guaranteed landowner tags for 2nd and 3rd season in our permitted area if you wish to bypass the draw.

The link to apply for Colorado is here:


If you need help in anyway applying for the Colorado big game draw we know it can get complex, please all the office and Mark or Travis can help.  801-785-5050

Let us know how Bucks & Bulls can put our world class staff to work for you!

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