Trophy Mule Deer Hunts








Trophy Mule deer is our passion! For the past 30 plus years Bucks & Bulls has been providing our clients with some of the best private land mule deer hunting in the western United States. We hunt these elusive animals on five different quality ranches, all of which are strictly managed to optimize the quantity of trophy caliber bucks. Some leases have steeper terrain making them more physical to hunt, some have thicker cover requiring a more patient hunter, but all of our ranches have exceptional mule deer habitat.

Depending on the ranch, our accommodations range from comfortable tent camps to nice lodges with all the modern amenities. Our hunts are generally five full days and guided on a one-on-one basis. Due to incredible genetics, selective harvest, and pre-scouting efforts by our guides our leases provide hunters with an excellent opportunity to harvest bucks scoring between 180 and 200 B&C points, with several bucks larger than this seen and taken every year.

Guaranteed permits – No drawings required in Utah. By obtaining landowner permits we are able to provide our clients with quality, fair chase, mountain terrain, trophy buck hunts without applying for tags through state drawing systems.

Colorado hunts are by the state draw system. If you have been “banking” bonus points for mule deer in Colorado, we may have the hunt just for you! Best way to explain Colorado opportunity with Bucks & Bulls Guides & Outfitters is to give Travis Adams a call. Hunters who are in good physical condition and able to shoot at “western” yardages greatly increase their chances of harvesting a trophy buck. We are booking these hunts one to two years in advance, so please call early for pricing and availability.